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•SSTC is an place where we celebrate youth and exuberance and attempt to instil in students a sense of social responsibility, human values and concern for environment. We not only strive to train the students to become excellent scientists, technologists, thinkers and leaders of the society, but also help them to mould themselves into better human beings.
  • Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions (NAAC & NBA)

Faculty of Pharmacy Science

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences , Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus was established in 2007 with a view to provide job oriented professional courses in Pharmacy, The college and the campus are accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with `A` Grade. The infrastructure available makes the college a conducive place for academic learning that provides students with quality education in a very good environment.

I feel very proud to be associated with Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (formerly known as SSIPS) as founder Principal.
Education is character building through self enhancement while training is imparting information and knowledge. Nation depends upon the character and values of the citizens. We at SSTC-SSGI-FPS, have taken a vow to promote excellence in academic activities and also inspire our students to blossom in wisdom, character and spirituality

Message from Principal

Faculty Achievements

1. Dr. Achal Mishra and Dr. Yogesh Vaishnav completed their PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Students’ Achievement

1. Pranjali Tamrakar achieved the position of college topper in the year 2018.
2. Subrat Pol got best Oral Presentation award on National Seminar held on Science Day.
3. Yogita Dhurandar, Swapnil Deshmukh, Sadhya Praveen, Trinkal Kutre and Sherya got first prize in quiz competition on National Science Day.
4. Jitendra Sahu and Lokesh Chandrakar qualified GPAT 2019

Project and Consultancy

1. Mr. Harish Sharma got the research grant of Rs. 1,17,000/- From Chhattisgarh Council of Science and Technology.
2. TEQIP III sponsored National Seminar on the theme “Co-Creating Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Role of Industry and Academia” which was organized at Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Junwani, Bhilai from 14th March to 16th March 2019. Program Co-ordinators were Dr. Swarnali Das from Pharmacy and Dr. Jitendra Tiwari from engineering.

Grants Received:

The Institute has highest number of research projects from reputed agencies such as DST (IEDC), CCOST, INSA, ICMR for organizing different seminar, conferences and research projects. This Institute has a vision of promoting an environment where faculty, staff and students can conduct result-oriented research and meet societal needs. List of our recent Research and Consultancy projects is given below:

Workshops/Seminar organized:

S.No. Financial Year Name of Faculty( Organizing Secretary/Co nvener) Name of Funding Agency Title (Seminar/Confer ence/Workshop) Sanctioned Order No. Sanctioned Date Amount Received
1 2019 Harish Sharma AERB, Mumbai Selection and Consequence of Nuclear Technology in Medical Sciences AERB/ EC- SC-7- 36/201 9 23.10.2 019 25000 .00
2 2019 Gyanesh K. Sahu CCOST, DST, NCSTC A Spectrum of Opportunities towards Innovtion on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology CCOS T/2019 /2334 29.01.2 019 40000 .00
3 2017 Harish Sharma ICMR, New Delhi Management and Palliative Care in Poisoning and Overdose 7/657/1 7- Semina rs [HRD] 16..10. 2017 40000 .00
4 2017 Harish Sharma CCOST Practical Application and Validation of Analytical Instruments 1349/C COST/ 2017 23.01.2 017 50000 .00
5 2015 Harish Sharma ICMR, New Delhi Selection And Consequence of Cell Line as Invitro Model to Accelerated Research and Development 7/56/15 -Semin ars [HRD] 10..03. 2015 40000 .00
6 2015 Gunjan Jeswani CCOST Polymer Science 1979/C COST/ 2015 09.01.2 015 50000 .00
7 2014 Dr. Swarnali Das INSA Nanoscience and Nanotechnology SP/C- 27/201 4 08.11.2 014 20000 .00
8 2013 Dr. Shekhar Verma CCOST Pharma Industries- Institute Interaction for Development of Chhattisgarh 2035/C COST/SSP 05.10.2013 50000.00


S. No. Name Designation Qualification Initial Date of Joining Nature of Association
(Regular/Contractual/ Adjunct)
1 Dr. A K Jha Professor, Principal M Pharma, Ph.D 22.09.2007 Regular
2 Dr. Shekhar Verma Professor M Pharma, Ph.D 12.07.2011 Regular
3 Dr. Swarnali Das Professor M Pharma, Ph.D 2.07.2010 Regular
4 Dr. Achal Mishra Associate Professor M Pharma, Ph.D 14.07.2008 Regular
5 Dr. Dhansay Dewanagn Associate Professor M Pharma, PhD 02.06.2018 Regular
6 Dr. Yogesh Vaishnav Associate Professor M Pharma, PhD 24.05.2013 Regular
7 Dr. Shiba Morris Associate Professor M Pharma, PhD 07.01.2017 Regular
8 Dr. Rajesh Choudhary Associate Professor M Pharma, PhD 02.06.2018 Regular
9 Shri Govind Sharma Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 18.06.2011 Regular
10 Shri Umashanker Mishra Assistant Professor M Pharma 25.08.2008 Regular
11 Shri Yashwant Swarnkar Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 19.06.2009 Regular
12 Shri Gunjan Jeswani Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 1.07.2010 Regular
13 Shri Ashish Pandey Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 12.09.2011 Regular
14 Shri Devendra Sahu Assistant Professor M Pharma 1.07.2011 Regular
15 Shri Harish Sharma Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 24.05.2013 Regular
16 Mr. Gyanesh Sahu Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 02.06.2018 Regular
17 Mr. Vinay Sagar Verma Assistant Professor M Pharma, PhD (Purs) 02.06.2018 Regular
18 Mr. Deepak Biswas Assistant Professor M Pharma 08.08.2017 Regular
19 Mr. Arpan Tripathi Assistant Professor M Pharma 10.08.2017 Regular
20 Ms. Apurva Yadav Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular
21 Mrs. Rita Pal Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular
22 Ms. Ajita Khichariya Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular
23 Ms. Aditi Bhatt Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular
24 Ms. Hemlata Sahu Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular
25 Mr. Shahbaaz Rathore Assistant Professor M Pharma 02.06.2018 Regular


Faculties have published their papers in different national and international journals of repute with good impact factor. List of publication is given below.

S. No. Year No. of Publications
1 2019 16
2 2018 12
3 2017 9
4 2016 7
5 2015 8
6 2014 11
7 2013 14
8 2012 8

Amount Received For Research & Seminar

S. No. Year Amount
1 2019 65000/-
2 2018 117000/-
3 2017 90000/-
4 2016 650000/-
5 2015 150000/-
6 2014 200000/-
7 2013 250000/-


S. No. Name of the student Position Company Package(in lacks) Place
1 Sarakashi Toppe Nutritional Officer Nestle India 7.49 Mumbai
2 Nazneen Ansari Nutritional Officer Nestle India 5.4 Mumbai
3 S Dev Kumar Sales Executive Alembic Pharmaceuticals 3.49 Nagpur
4 Gopal Nirmalkar Sales Executive Alembic Pharmaceuticals 3.49 Nagpur

Program Organized

1. Seminar on National Science Day- Commutating Science for all sponsored by DST- New Delhi and CGCOST –Raipur was conducted on 23/02/2019.