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Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2008 with the intake of 60 students at Under Graduate level which later on increased to 120 students in 2009 by AICTE. In 2015 Post Graduate level Program with specialization in Production was approved with intake of 18 students.

Message by HOD

Mechanical engineering is a core branch and it creates, develops the technologies in the field of engineering. It is classified in three sections: Production, Design and Thermal. All these sections are interconnected with all other streams of the engineering. Considered as a core engineering field, Mechanical Engineering is the foundation for several other technologies like CAD/ CAM/CAE, CNC, Robotics and Mecatronics; so without this Branch we cannot imagine anything in this world.

Our Objectives

  1. To create educated and responsible graduate and post graduate engineers for global requirements by providing good quality of education.
  2. To upgrade existing labs to encourage problem based learning
  3. To establish advanced labs in the department
  4. To conduct Workshop and Seminars in the Mechanical Engg. department
  5. To strengthen sponsored Research Projects in collaboration with AICTE.
  6. To motivate more faculties to pursue M.E. and Ph.D. program.


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Experience (in Years) Designation Email ID
1 Mr M C Taneja BE 46 Sr. Assist Prof
2 Mr Ashok Kr Sharma BE, M.Tech 9 Asstt. Prof.
3 Ms Reetu Tiwari BE, ME 8 Asstt. Prof.
4 Ms Ritu Shrivastava BE, ME 7 Asstt. Prof.
5 Mr Purushottam Prajapati BE, ME 7 Asstt. Prof.
6 Mr Purushottam Sahu BE 7 Asstt. Prof.
7 Mr Mayur Thombre BE, ME 9 Asstt. Prof.
8 Mr Animesh Agrawal BE, ME 6 Asstt. Prof.
9 Mr Pratik Kr Shrivastava BE, ME 6 Asstt. Prof.
10 Mr Chandra Shekhar Sahu BE 5 Asstt. Prof.
11 Mr Kunal Dewangan BE, ME 5 Asstt. Prof.
12 Mr. Hariom Khare BE, ME (purs) 5 Asstt. Prof.
13 Mr. Pratik Pandya BE, M.Tech (purs) 4 Assist. Prof
14 Mr. Lal Chandra Shah BE, M.Tech 4 Assist. Prof
15 Mr. Y Venkat Ramnna BE, M.Tech 8 Assist. Prof
16 Mr. Tekendra Verma BE, M.Tech 7 Assist. Prof
17 Mr. Rajeev Dewangan BE, M.Tech 12 Assist. Prof
18 Mr. Rahul Tamrakar BE 1 Proterm Lecturer

Non Teaching Staff Members

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience (in Years) Email ID
1 Mr. Bhikham lal sahu Lab Technician I.T.I. 6
2 Mr. Dileshwar Rao Lab Technician I.T.I. 5
3 Mr.Kamal Narayan Lab Instructor DIPLOMA 6
4 Ms.Meena Choudhary Lab Instructor DIPLOMA 4
5 Mr. Vinod Kr. verma Lab Instructor DIPLOMA 3


  1. Mr. JANA BHARGAVA KUMAR student of B.E VI sem has secured top position in V sem exam
  2. Mr. ABHISHEK BAJPAI student of B.E IV sem has secured top position in III sem exam
  3. MEA (Mechanical engineering organization) has been established and various activities have been performed by students of MEA

Research Facility

  1. 15 well configured PCs (Dual core, 1GB with latest OS installed)
  2. ANSYS Software
  3. Pro-E Software
  4. 24 Hrs internet facility (Wired + WiFi)


Phone No: 0788-2291605/607/608
Fax No: 0788-2291606
Email ID:

Lab Details:

S.N. Department Name of Laboratory Carpet Area (in sq meters) Major Equipments Available Purpose
1 Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Engineering Lab 101.60 Polygon of forces Apparatus, Compression of coiled Springs, Simple Jib Crane, Wheel and Differential Axis 20 cm dia-,Winch Crab Single Purchase, Winch Crab Double Purchase, Screw Jack, Combined Coil and Flat Belt Friction, For study of basic concept of mechanics, to understand and apply law of mechanics to problems consisting of rigid bodies in equilibrium and in motion, to analyze forces in trusses, basic knowledge of friction and its application.
2 Workshop Lathe, Shaper, Arc welding To work on lathe machine, to will have the knowledge about the cutting tools and finishing equipment’s, to have the knowledge of safety precautions in the lab/workshops.
3 CAD / CAM Lab 86.51 30 computers with p-IV processor To design any machine part etc. in CAD/CAM, to know Geometric Modeling & 3D representation,
4 NACP LAB 66 30 computers with p-IV processor Computer Programming(Basic C and C++), to know basic algorithms
5 Manufacturing Practice Lab Lathe, Shaper, Arc welding To work on lathe machine, to will have the knowledge about the cutting tools and finishing equipment’s, to have the knowledge of safety precautions in the lab/workshops.
6 Material Testing Lab 101.60 Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine ,Fatigue Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine, Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Machine To calculate the different loading conditions under UTM machine, to analyze deformation and deflections under different loading conditions, to do hardness testing.
7 Fluid Mechanics Lab 101.60 Apparatus for determination of Metacentric height , Bernoulli's Apparatus , Impact of jet Apparatus , Venturimeter, Pipe Friction Apparatus , Mouth Piece and Orifice Apparatus, Reynolds’s Apparatus To apply Bernoulli’s Equation in various fluid flow problems, to demonstrate the ability to correlate between model and prototype, to calculate losses in various pipe fittings.
8 Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab 101.60 Thermocouple, thermistor, RTD, Slip gauge, Sine bar, Rota meter, comparator, LVDT To use the knowledge of flow sensors in various industries, working principle, advantages, disadvantages and applications of various types of force and torque measuring instruments, working operation of pressure measurement.
9 Applied Thermodynamics Lab 105.79 Cochran Boiler Model, Lancashire Boiler Model, Babcock Wilcox Boiler Model, Green Economizer, Steam Engine with D-Slide Valve, Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Stop Valve Hopkins’s Type, Blow off Cock , Feed Check Valve , Lever Safety Valve , Dead Weight Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge ,Fusible Plug, High Steam Low Water Safety Valve To study Vapour and Vapour Power Cycle, Steam Condensers, Refrigeration Cycle, Reciprocating Air Compressors
10 Kinematics of Machine Lab 105.79 Four bar Link Mechanism,Disc Brake Apparatus, Pantograph Apparatus , Internal Expanding Shoe Brake , Inversion of Four Bar link Mechanism, Rope brake Dynamometer Apparatus, Compound Gear Train Apparatus, Epicyclic gear train apparatus, Coriolli's Component of acceleration apparatus, Super Cam analysis apparatus To calculate displacement, velocity and acceleration of following links and mechanism without considering the external forces, velocity, Acceleration of mechanism, Brakes and Dynamometers.
11 CAD Lab 66 30 computers with p-IV processor To design any machine part etc. in CAD/CAM, to know Geometric Modeling & 3D representation,
12 Dynamics of Machine Lab 105.79 Whirling of Shafts , Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus , Gyroscope Apparatus ,Governor Apparatus To calculate external force and their effect on velocity and acceleration of machines and elements, governors, vibration
13 Fluid Machinery Lab 101.60 Pelton wheel Turbine Test Rig ,Francis Turbine Test Rig ,Variable Speed Centrifugal Pump Test Rig ,Kaplan Turbine, Cut section model of hydraulic accumulator, Cut section model of hydraulic intensifier, Cut section model of hydraulic crane ,Reciprocating Pump Test Rig. To analyze the performance of fluid machinery, to apply Control Volume approach and recognize the type of fluid flow, to calculate losses in various pipe fittings.
14 Internal Combustion Engine Lab 101.60 2 stroke petrol engine, 4 stroke petrol and diesel engine, carburetor model, nozzle cut section, fuel pump cut section To identify engines and its various components, to analyze engine operations consuming non-conventional fuel, which are eco-friendly and economic, to calculate actual fuel cycle efficiency that will be closer to engine test results.
15 Heat & Mass Transfer Lab 105.79 Thermal conductivity of insulating power, Thermal conductivity of metal bar Apparatus, Heat transfer in pin fin Apparatus, Emissive apparatus, Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus, Drop wise & Film wise condensation Apparatus, Performance of different heat pipe apparatus, Heat Transfer coefficient in forced convection apparatus To formulate and solve problems on conduction in walls, cylinders and spheres, to analyze insulation systems, to design fins for various applications, to identify applicability of fins
16 Automobile Engineering Lab 101.60 Clutch model, brake model, differential, educational car model, suspension system, gear box To analyze/design mechanical systems, conduct experiments with mechanical systems, interpret data and analyze results.
17 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab 105.79 Refrigerator, heat pump, cooling tower ,vortex tube To demonstrate ability to estimate, analyze and preliminarily design, Air conditioning system for given space, refrigerator
18 Robotics Lab 105.79 Make it master kit, make it hi-tech kit Introduction to Robotics, Coordinate Frames, Mapping and Transforms
19 Finite Element method Lab 66 30 computers with p-IV processor To formulate various problems
20 Advance Manufacturing Lab 101.60 Lathe, Shaper, Arc welding To work on lathe machine, to will have the knowledge about the cutting tools and finishing equipment’s, to have the knowledge of safety precautions in the lab/workshops.