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•SSTC is an place where we celebrate youth and exuberance and attempt to instil in students a sense of social responsibility, human values and concern for environment. We not only strive to train the students to become excellent scientists, technologists, thinkers and leaders of the society, but also help them to mould themselves into better human beings.

Learning Experience

All courses emphasize learning from practical experience as well as from business theories.

Working as a team

Teamwork is an important part of the course and students spend most of the time together in studies, social and extra – curricular activities. Many class projects are assigned to groups of students, rather than to individuals, and require significant teamwork. MBA students typically form groups of five to seven members with diverse academic and/or professional backgrounds. Through these programs, students learn how to work effectively with others, enhance their skills in working as part of a team, and develop personal friendships and life-long networking. Along with this, the students are also helped in developing skills such as non-verbal, verbal communications and also qualities such as leadership, empathy, decision-making, etc.

Teaching Style

All courses emphasize learning from practical experience as well as from business theories. Teaching methods include lectures, case studies, simulation, field studies and guest lectures. Much of the teaching involves case discussions or experiential activities where students express their own experiences and opinions. Case studies provide students with real-life business problems to analyze and discuss in class. Teamwork, group assignments, participation in class discussions are string feature of the Institute's curriculum practice.


Classroom teaching Guest lectures Internships
Practical Tutorials Workshops
Seminars Projects Webinars
Role Plays Industrial Visits Management Games

Experiential Learning

The students at FMS learn to apply the concepts, not only through case studies, but also through practical experience. Every semester, students are required to conduct a short research project whereby they learn to interact with the outside world and gain first hand experience as a prospective MBA graduate. Students are encouraged to take guidance from faculty members to conduct these projects so as to gain maximum from the practical experience.

Personality Development

FMS is committed to improve the personality of students so that students can unleash their potential to the maximal degree. Apart from the regular courses on personality development, FMS organizes seminars and guest lectures for personality improvement. FMS encourages its students to participate in various competitions, seminars and conferences to show their mettle and learn from the outside world. FMS organizes a full-scale orientation week for the students, specifically aimed to remove their inhibitions and develop their communication skills. Some of the activities include role plays, ad-making, group discussion, storytelling and so on.

Workshops and Seminars

The students of FMS are encouraged to actively participate in workshops so as to enrich their knowledge and the experience of learning through various workshops. FMS also organizes seminars and presentations which are few of the vital tools, the skills that are most essential and to be possessed by the future managers. As seminars are an effective tool to overcome stage-fear, and for developing a sparkling personality of the student, they are most often preferred. Both the students and the faculties participate enthusiastically and again teamwork is reflected. These seminars have also been conducted at national levels and the Institute is planning for more such activities.