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Sports And Cultural

Games & Sports Facility

"All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy". So FPSc, not only imparts quality technical education but also provides for developing body, mind and soul. A wick range of facilities are available for physical activities in the form of indoor/outdoor games. There is an extensive ready ground for all games and sports. The Institute organizes cricket, football, basket ball, badminton and table-tennis, inter-departmental and inter college matches for the students every year. The sports-club provides maximum opportunity to all the students to develop their personality.

Recreation & College Functions

A wide range of facilities for recreation and creative activities are made available to the students in the form of music-club, Photography-club etc. The Institute also promotes participation in the Institutional functions to make them develop their interest and skills in extra-curricular activities. Two functions which the college celebrates with great enthusiasm and zeal are the Annual Day and the Foundation Day The students are promoted to come forward with innovative ideas, under the expert guidance of faculty and the management, to exploit their potential. The students are made to acquire team spirit and a sense of responsibility.

Computer Center

A well equipped computer center has been setup in the campus having all the modern tools required for all round development of the students. The computer center is furnished with 56 terminals with P-IV processor connected to LAN. The internet facility is also available for the students to keep them abreast of the modern world and mend them for competition in the industry. Currently it is having UNIX, WINDOWS and DOS operating system and variety of application software and compilers at its service.