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    • Pratibha Sahu, student of Electrical and Electonics Engineering got selected in apprentice program of ISRO, Bangalore • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering is awarded with "National Nitya Bhusan Award-2017" Prague of Honor, presented by International Theater Festival, Cuttack Orissa.     • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering performed at the festival of Indian Art and Culture, ICC Auditorium Colombo SriLanka.     • Mr Raja Sinha Alumni of civil Engineering Department got selected for Indian Engineering Services conducted by UPSC.     • CSE Department in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides academic gateway for next generation IT and Cloud Professionals.     • CSE Department is approved Resource Center from IIT Mumbai.     • MOU between "Automation Anywhere" and CSE department provides training in IOT and Systems Automation.     • Department of CSE provides state of the art training in association with CISCO Network Academy.

DEPARTMENT OF Applied Physics

The Department of Applied Physics has been providing quality teaching and expert advice. Our academic and technical staff members are well equipped with the best qualifications and experience to meet the University's expectations. The Department always strives to stay abreast of technology growth and development and recognizes the fact that learning is a multifaceted continuous process. The Department has excellent laboratory with advanced facilities. All staff members are highly committed and they work together to achieve our common goal: The development of students' minds and skills as well as providing a basis for their personal, social and cognitive development.

Our Objectives

Short Term Goal

  • Developing new methodology of teaching.
  • Creation of practical skills and knowledge related environment around students and to give problem –oriented assignment and providing basic facilities and guidance.
  • Maintenance of the laboratory equipments, stock of chemicals to meet the requirements of the students.
  • Development of some projects in the department which may be useful for the students of 1st year at their level of skill and working.

Long Term Goals

  • To develop critical & analytical abilities.
  • To motivate the students for extra curricular activities.
  • To develop the ability to relate & use technical knowledge in real life situations.
  • More Interaction/Collaboration with the scientists and institutions of national and international repute.

Faculty List

Sr.No. Name Post/
Qualification Experience Contact No. Email ID
01 Dr. Ritu Shrivastava Assistant Professor M.Sc, M.phil, Ph.D(RSU, Raipur) 11 Years 9827188275
02 Mrs. Anjali Rao Assistant Professor M.Sc, Ph.D(Registered RSU, Raipur) 7 Years 9303891716

List of Supporting Staff

Sr.No. Name Post/
Qualification Experience Contact No.
01 Mr. Gopal Deshmukh Lab. Technician B.SC. 3 years 8878813773

Lab Details

Sr.No. Name of Experiment Find
01 Newton’s Circular Fringes Wavelength of given Monochromatic light source
02 Plane transmission Grating Wavelength of main spectral line of mercury lamp
03 Laser light The value of Grating element
04 Optical Fibre Numerical Aperture of the given fibre cable and Banding loss
05 Spectrometer The Dispersive Power of Prism
06 Nodal Slide Focal length of the combination of two convergent lenses
07 Telescope Resolving Power
08 Polarimeter Specific rotation of sugar solution
09 Semiconductor Energy band gap of given diode
10 Hall Effect Hall Coefficient of given Semiconductor
11 Logic gate To study the Boolean Algebraic theorem
12 Four-point probe method Energy band gap of given semiconductor
13 Fly Wheel Moment of inertia
14 Capillary rise method Surface tension of water
15 Stoke’s Method Coefficient of viscosity of glycerin
16 Bar Pendulum The value of “g” at laboratory
17 Sonometer Frequency of A.C. main
18 J.J. Thomson’s (e/m) Method The value of Specific charge of electron
19 Lee’s Disc Method Coefficient of thermal conductivity

Achievements of Faculty Members

Sr.No. Faculty
Conference /Seminar Paper Published National/ International Workshop
01 Dr. Ritu Shrivastava 06 09 03

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