SSEC Department of Mechanical Engineering Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus
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• Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering is awarded with "National Nitya Bhusan Award-2017" Prague of Honor, presented by International Theater Festival, Cuttack Orissa.     • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering performed at the festival of Indian Art and Culture, ICC Auditorium Colombo SriLanka.     • Mr Raja Sinha Alumni of civil Engineering Department got selected for Indian Engineering Services conducted by UPSC.     • CSE Department in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides academic gateway for next generation IT and Cloud Professionals.     • CSE Department is approved Resource Center from IIT Mumbai.     • MOU between "Automation Anywhere" and CSE department provides training in IOT and Systems Automation.     • Department of CSE provides state of the art training in association with CISCO Network Academy.
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  • Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2008 with the intake of 60 students at Under Graduate level which later on increased to 120* students in 2010 by AICTE. In the year of 2015 Post Graduate level Program with specialization in Thermal was approved with intake of 18* students.

Message by HoD

Mechanical engineering is a core branch and it creates, develops the technologies in the field of engineering.  The discipline of Mechanical Engineering has a long and distinguished history of developing state-of-the-art technologies and exhilarating solutions for the mankind. Ever since the establishment of this institution, our primary goal for students is to train future leaders with high-quality engineering education. Our dedicated faculty tries to disseminate amongst the students the latest developments in Applied Mechanics & Design, Dynamics & Control, Thermo-fluids & Processes, Energy, Materials & Manufacturing, and Automation & Robotics.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide special technical lectures for students by leading technical experts from industry.
  2. To make excellent Industry-Institute interaction cell for providing technical consultancy services to the industry.
  3. To actively organize National Conferences, Staff Development Programs and other activities.
  4. To prepare good quality Mechanical Engineers for global requirements by providing quality education.
  5. Upgrade existing labs of department and establishing Center of Excellence in various fields.
  6. To promote problem based learning in the department to meet requirements of industries.
  7. To motivate more faculties to Doctoral Program


Sr. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Experience (in Years) Designation Email ID
1 Shri Swapnil Jain BE, ME, Ph.D (purs) 14 Asso. Prof. HOD
2 Shri Abhishek Shukla BE, ME, Ph.D (purs) 10 Sr. Asstt. Prof.
3 Shri Rahul Mishra BE, M.Tech, Ph.D (purs) 8 Asstt. Prof.
4 Shri Sudhanshu Mishra BE, ME, Ph.D (purs) 8 Asstt. Prof.
5 Shri Amit Kumar Karmakar BE, ME 8 Asstt. Prof.
6 Shri Sandeep Saha BE, ME 8 Asstt. Prof.
7 Shri Brajesh Kumar BE 7 Pro-term Lecturer
8 Shri Rahul Jain BE, ME(purs) 6 Pro-term Lecturer
9 Shri Sumit Kumar Shrivastava BE, ME(purs) 6 Pro-term Lecturer
10 Shri Nilesh Sharma BE, ME(purs) 5 Pro-term Lecturer
11 Shri Shishir Dewangan BE, ME(purs) 4 Pro-term Lecturer
12 Shri Abhishek Kumar Gupta BE, ME(purs) 7 Pro-term Lecturer
13 Shri Jitendra Sahu BE, M.Tech 6 Pro-term Lecturer
14 Shri Praveen Chandrakar BE, M.Tech 3 Assist. Prof

Non Teaching Staff Members

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Experience (in Years) Email ID
1 Shri Rajesh Dubey Lab. Asst ITI (Fitter) 6.5
2 Shri Santosh Kumar Verma Lab. Asst ITI (Fitter), MA 3.5
3 Shri Om Prakash Yadav Lsst ITI (Fitter) 6.5
4 Shri S. Mahesh Lab. Asst ITI (Fitter) 5.5
5 Shri Dhanau Ram Sahu Lab. Asst Old Metric 6.5
6 Shri Arun Patnayak Lab. Asst ITI (Fitter) 5.5

Name of Toppers 8TH SEM

Sr. No. Name of Students Marks obtained ( Out of 1000)
1 Sunny Jain 887
2 Vinay Kumar Verma 876
3 Alka Meher/ Ashish Kumar Sahu 866
4 Pushpendra Kumar 865
5 Ameen Verma 859


Sr. No. Name of Students Rank
1 Vikas Jain 9700
2 Anwesha Pradhan 10300
3 Sunny Jain 10648
4 Homesh Verma 10900
5 Kritesh Pratap Singh 13000


  1. 61 students of mechanical Engineering have been placed in various companies from year 2014.
  2. 17 Students have been qualified in GATE 2015.
  3. Mr. Shashank Dhawal and team was winner of Inter-Zonal Badminton (CSVTU Youth Festival)
  4. Mr. Ankit singh was the winner of Inter-Zonal Chess (CSVTU Youth Festival)
  5. Mr. Vaibhav Ranjan Yadav was the runner-up of Inter-Zonal Solo Singing (CSVTU Youth Festival)
  7. Miss. Ruchika Sinha has attended a workshop of Automobile Engineering at IIT Kharaghpur.
  8. Kirtesh Pratap Singh has given a paper presentation of solid waste management at Parthivi Engineering College, Bhilai.

Research Facility

  1. 30 well configured PCs (Dual core, 1GB)
  2. Latest ANSYS 14.0 Software.
  3. Latest Thermal Lab with wind tunnel and computerized airconditioning test rig.
  4. Pro-E and Catia software.
  5. 24 Hrs internet facility (Wired + WiFi)

Lab Details:

S.N. Department Name of Laboratory Carpet Area(in sq meters) Major  Equipments Available Purpose
1 Mechanical Engineering Materials Testing Laboratory 92.32 Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine,  Torsion Testing Machine To understand various mechanical properties of materials.
2 Engineering Thermodynamics Laboratory 97.9 Cochran boiler,  Lancashire boiler , Babcock and Wilcox boiler,  Simple steam turbine , Surface steam condenser,  Jet steam condenser To study the different component of power plant
3 Mechanical measurement & Metrology Laboratory 93.7 Rota meter, RTD, Strain gauge, Sine bar, Temperature measurement tutor To demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data, and report results
4 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 102.6 Apparatus for determination of metacentric height , Bernoulli’s apparatus,  Impact of jet apparatus, Venturimeter,  Orifice meter, Reynolds’s apparatus For analysis fluid flow of different passes and surface
5 Computer Aided Drafting Laboratory 67.7 30 computers with2.6 G. Hz., 128/256 MB SDRAM, 40 GB HDD, 1.44 MB FDD, Pro-E software For drafting the different component which required in industry
6 Kinematics of Machines 104.7 Cam analysis apparatus,  Journal bearing apparatus,  Coriolli’s component of acceleration apparatus, Simple, compound, reverted and epicyclic gear train apparatus,  Pantograph apparatus To perform mechanism analyses to find the position, velocity, acceleration, and dynamics of multi-bar mechanisms.
7 Dynamics of Machines Laboratory 102.66 Universal Vibration Apparatus, Whirling of Shaft Apparatus, Balancing Apparatus , Gyroscope apparatus ,Governor apparatus with differential attachments For analysis the dynamic behavior of machine component
8 Fluid Machinery Laboratory 92.32 Pelton Wheel Turbine ,Francis Turbine Test Rig , Kaplan Turbine Test Rig , Centrifugal Pump Test Rig , Reciprocating Pump Test Rig To solve and analyze a variety of fluid mechanics and fluid machinery related problems
9 Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory 92.04 Four Stroke Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig , Variable Compression Ratio Engine Test Rig , Four Stroke Multi-Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig, Two Stroke Single-Cylinder petrol Engine Test Rig Demonstrate a basic understanding of engine design, function and performance.
10 Heat & mass Transfer Laboratory 97.9 Thermal conductivity of insulating powder apparatus , Thermal conductivity of metal bar apparatus, Transfer rate and temperature distribution for a pin fin apparatus ,Emissivity of the test plate surface apparatus,  Stefen-Boltzman constant of radiation of heat transfer apparatus of heat transfer apparatus To provide a fundamental understanding of the principles of heat transfer due to conduction, convection and radiation.
11 Automobile Engineering Lab 97.5 Working model of single plate, multi-plate & centrifugal clutch, Working model of mechanical, hydraulic and air brake, Educational car model, Working model of steering system used with independent suspension system Understand the basic structure of an automobile
12 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab 104.7 Refrigeration Tutor Test Rig , Mechanical Heat Pump Test Rig , Air & Water Heat Pump Test Rig , Air Conditioning Test Rig , Simple Absorption System Test Rig Design equipment for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and Understand psychometric and psychometric processes
13 Robotics Lab 102.66 Robotic trainer kit To acquire the knowledge of sensors, actuators and vision system used in robotics.
14 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory 100.3 Various Lifting Machine , Force balance equipment, friction apparatus To analysis the force equilibrium of machine and verified the law of machine
15 Thermal Engineering Experiments in Thermal Engineering 104.7 Wind Tunnel , Computerized  air conditioning Test Rig , Heat exchanger For analysis the advancement of thermal engineering
16 Modeling & Simulation Lab(Research Lab) 108.9 Ansys 14.0 software For analysis behavior of fluid in different surface and heat transfer rate
17 Instrumentation Lab 93.7 Data Acquisition System To demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data, and report results with data acquisition system

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