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Mathematics form the backbone for knowledge and development for engineers. Our focus is to produce engineers who will be equipped with modern mathematics tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems. Applied Mathematics is the core foundation of the Field of Engineering This helps to build Analytical, Reasoning & Logical skills of the future Engineers and Researchers

Dr. Mandwi Mishra,(M.Sc (Mathematics) PhD


The aim of the department is to create an awareness and motivation among the students in the most engineering thrust area of mathematics. The specific aim of the department provides the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and discusses the object oriented problems with students.


Mathematics is an important tool for various branches of science and engineering. There are various practical application of mathematics that are used throughout the research, industrial, scientific and technological world. A large number of problem that are encountered in real life can be solved with the help of different mathematical tool. The objective of the department is to formulate the real life problem with the help of various mathematical modeling and developing techniques for its simplification.

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