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    • Pratibha Sahu, student of Electrical and Electonics Engineering got selected in apprentice program of ISRO, Bangalore • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering is awarded with "National Nitya Bhusan Award-2017" Prague of Honor, presented by International Theater Festival, Cuttack Orissa.     • Twinkle Choudhary, student of civil engineering performed at the festival of Indian Art and Culture, ICC Auditorium Colombo SriLanka.     • Mr Raja Sinha Alumni of civil Engineering Department got selected for Indian Engineering Services conducted by UPSC.     • CSE Department in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides academic gateway for next generation IT and Cloud Professionals.     • CSE Department is approved Resource Center from IIT Mumbai.     • MOU between "Automation Anywhere" and CSE department provides training in IOT and Systems Automation.     • Department of CSE provides state of the art training in association with CISCO Network Academy.


The subject "Applied Chemistry" is a basic science subject of the engineering curriculum, but still it plays a significant role. The knowledge of the subject helps for successful & efficient working in most of the core engineering sectors. Environment & ecology are become need of the day, as our planet badly needed to pay attention on environmental pollution. The subject develops the concepts of Chemistry in Engineering. Future Target Planning.

Our Objectives

  • To fulfill the Experimental activities apart from CSVTU curriculum.
  • To conduct Seminars & Conferences in the department to enhance knowledge.

Dr Prachi Parmar Nimje(HOD)


  • 7th Chhattisgarh young scientist award 2007.

Major Equipments In The Labs

Sr.No. Name of the Kit/Software
1. Bomb Calorimeter
2. Abels Apparatus
3. Pensky Martins Apparatus
4. Hot Plate
5. Distillation Unit
6 Chemical Balance
7 Physical Balance
10. Single pan balance
11. pH Meter
12. Magnetic Stirrer

Lab Details

Sr.No. Name of Lab Max. Batch Size Semester & Branch Subject Hours/ Week
1. Applied Chemistry Lab 35 1Sem ET & T Appl.Chem. 4
1Sem IT Appl.Chem. 4
2 Sem Mech. Appl.Chem. 4
2 Sem CSE Appl.Chem. 4

List Of Faculty Members

Sr. No Name of Faculty Designation Date of joining Qualification Experience Contact Address & number
13.8.11 MSC., PHD 8 YRS
5YRS 8871290961

List Of Publications

Sr. No. List Of Publications
1. Chemical and Environmental Research, Vol 16(3- 4), 265-272, 2007.
2. Acta Chimica Slovenica, Vol. 55(1), 236-242, 2008.
3. Chemical & Environmental Research, Vol. 7(3&4), 221-228, 2008.
4. Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiopia, Vol 23(3), 1-6, 2009.
5. Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Vol 65 (6), 582-587, 2010.
6. Bulletin of Korean Chemical Society, Vol.54 (1), 1-4, 2010.
7. Research Journal of Chemical Sciences. Vol. 2(12), 6-10, December (2012)
8. International J of Research In Chemistry & Environment, vol 4, July (2014)
9. Analytical chemistry (communicated)
10. SOP Transactions on Analytical Chemistry (ACHE) Accepted 2014

National And International Conferences, Seminars

Sr. No. National and International Conferences, Seminars
1. 47th Annual Convention of Chemist & International Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences, Raipur, Abst. No. 31, 23rd–27th Dec. 2010.
2. SICC6, Dec.18th , Singapore, Abst.No. 6B-2, 2009.
3. Indian Council of Chemist Patan Gujarat, 7-10th Nov,Pg. 176, Abst. No. 23, 2009.
4. 35th International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Poland, Gdansk, June 22-26th 2008.
5. Silver Jublee International Conference, CONIAPS-X, Pg. No. 55, GGU, Bilaspur, Abst No. 50, Jan. 12-14th , 2008.
6. SESTEC-2008, Delhi (Organized by BARCK), 2008.
7. 94th Indian Science Congress, Pg. No.13, Anamalai, Abst. No. 19.3-7th Jan, 2007.
8. Nation symposium of Fundamental and Analytical Aspect…, Kalayan Mahavidhyalaya Bhilai, 2007.
9. 5th Chhattisgarh Young scientist Congress, pg. 58, CSVTU, Bhilai, Abst. No. 43rd Technical University, Bhilai. Feb 28th, 2007.
10. The Indian Science Congress 93rd (Hydrabad), 2006.
11. Indian Council of Chemist, 25th Silver Jubli Conference Kalyan, Abst No. AP-CYSA-08, Dec. 27-29th, 2006.

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