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E-Cell SSTC is a student run non-profit organization which has been established in Shri Shankaracharya Group of Institutions, Bhilai, since 07/10/2017. E-Cell, SSTC targets to help in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between its major components spanning students, working professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, mentors, angel investors, venture capital firms and corporate through events like interactive sessions, competitions and activities.

E-Cell SSTC aim to create awareness among students of Engineering and Science courses about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option and also to highlight the merits of pursuing such an option.

E-Cell SSTC is a club that promotes the business ideas, arrange the necessary aid and act as a bridge to get the funding from the various agencies. E-Cell SSTC also organizes the various entrepreneurial and personality development activities with in the campus.


  • We look towards incorporating the entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as potential abilities of the individuals by being a platform to cater the same


  • To develop the entrepreneurial environment by providing easy and effective interaction of the student body, experienced professionals, successful entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and corporate.

Core Committee:

Faculty Co-ordinator

S.No Name Branch Contact No E-Mail ID
1 Ms Achala Jain EEE 9826539550
2 Ms Vibha bhandari EEE 9754376905

Student Co-ordinator

S.No Name Branch Semester Contact No E-Mail ID
1 Abhishek Seth CSE 7 7415205227
2 K. Sai Rajesh CSE 5 7024899020
3 Raghavendra Singh CIVIL 5 9644215098
4 Aishwarya Pandey CSE 7 7089689611
5 Dhirendra Pratap Singh EEE 3 7223833566
6 A. Divya ETC 3 7974760847
7 Saumya Shukla ETC 3 8770273305
8 Dipali Tiwari CSE 3 6267862093
9 Ishwar Jajodia CSE 3 9131037447
10 Sameer Nayak CSE 3 6266401388
11 Srijan Vaishnav EEE 3 7987044725
12 Srijan Sharma ETC 3 6265193096
13 Khushboo Dewangan IT 3 7225051971
14 Shailja Khare CSE 3 9407935363
15 Parth Mishra IT 5 9982619231

List Of Event Organized

S.No Date Event Resource Person/Any other contributory organization
1 28/10/2017 Think Out of the box Mr Amit Singh (Manager,Wadhwani Foundation- Central region)
2 14/2/2018 Workshop on "3D printing" Mr Abhishek Singh CEO ,TECH B,Bhilai (Manufacturer of 3D printers)
3 15/2/2018 DISRUPT Mr Amit Singh (Manager,Wadhwani Foundation- Central region)
4 15/2/2018 What's My Story Mr Mohit Sahu(CEO,Blue Banyan Technologies)
5 16/2/2018 One dollar Venture Mr Harshdeep singh Gumber Ms Namrata Jain (Founder,Aculegal Services,Raipur)
6 31/8/2018 Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive Ms Achala jain (Co-ordinator Ecell SSTC)
7 21/01/2019 Entrepreneurship Development Program Dr. Rajeev Roy (CEO ,36 Inc) Shri Rajveen Nair (Dy-incharge MSME Raipur)
8 11/3/2019 Visit to 36 Inc Mr Saurabh Choubey (Manager ,36Inc)
9 13/3/2019 Exhibition for innovative idea Ms Achala jain (Co-ordinator Ecell SSTC)
10 30/3/2019 Awareness drive on Oil and Gas start up initiative Ms Surekha rautre (KIIT-Bhubneshwar)
11 30/07/2019 Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive Ms Achala jain (Co-ordinator Ecell SSTC)
12 14/09/2019 Workshop on "Graphic Designing" Mr Yawan Sahu Mr Parth Mishra (Freelance Graphic Designer)
13 21/09/2019 What's My Story Mr Harsh Jain (CEO,EXOSOLAR)
14 16/10/2019 Entrepreneurship Quiz Ms Achala jain (Co-ordinator Ecell SSTC)
15 17/10/2019 One dollar Venture Ms Achala jain (Co-ordinator Ecell SSTC)
16 16/10/2019 to 17/10/2019 Case Studies Mr Satyam Khandelwaal (Co-founder Buddy4study)
Mr Pranjal Kamra (CE0,FINOLOGY)
Mr Harsh Jain (CEO,EXOSOLAR)
Mr Mohit Sahu (CEO,Blue Banyan technologies)
Ms Rashi Poddar (Co-founder,YOURWHEELER)
17 2/11/2019 Speech competition Mr Arvind Mishra (Branch Manager BOM, Junwani)