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FMS recognizes the need for research work for excelling in teaching as well as in the industry. As part of Industry-Institute interaction, the faculty members work on various projects assigned by the industry in various functional areas of management. Some of the faculty members are also conducting research in collaboration with the leading business schools in Asia and America with an aim to develop industry in India.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (AICTE)

The Faculty members of the institute have bagged two projects funded by AICTE-The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). As a result of this an active Entrepreneurship Development cell is operational. Activities are undertaken on a regular basis from this platform to inculcate in the students the spirit of risk taking by encouraging them to start up their own ventures. In order to encourage entrepreneurship among the students and other interested people, several camps, seminars, workshops, skill development programmes, core faculty training programmes, expert talks etc, are regularly conducted. The Entrepreneurship Development cell is trying to build a network through liaising with various government & non government organizations to identify, inform and motivate potential entrepreneurs in and around Bhilai and also working towards encouraging successful entrepreneurs (SME's) to train young graduates to deal with challenges faced during the early phase in a start up enterprise. As a result of which some students from our institute have started working towards establishing their own ventures. The second project on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a project to nurture industry consultancy in the field of supply chain. RFID is an enabling technology which revolutionizes tracking and tracing and is being applied in numerous diverse areas, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retailing, logistics and mobile commerce. The application of this technology will help firms in Chhattisgarh compete on global level and increase their return on investment. In order to understand the ongoing practices and changing trends in different disciplines of management, we organize regular interface with the corporate world through industrial visits, Seminars, Workshops etc.

Research Promotion Scheme (AICTE)

FMS has been granted a 2 years project funded by AICTE on RFID aided supply chain design for Indian Retail and Manufacturing Firms. The expected outcome of the project is to move the institute towards strengthening industry-institute interaction and open pathways for the institute to provide consultancy in the field of logistics and supply chain.

Research Center

FMS has been approved as a research center by CSVTU. FMS is equipped with qualified faculty to provide PhD guidance. The institute also has subscription to various reputed online and print journals (both national and international). The institute provides high speed broadband facility to its faculty and students to facilitate research work. Almost all the faculty members at FMS are engaged in pursuing research work in some form and their research work is being published in various conferences and journals.

Participation In Conferences and Seminars

Participation in conferences and Seminars is a regular feature at FMS. Faculty at FMS are keen to publish their work in various conferences and seminars, to network with people and broaden their field of scope.

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