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The Department of Civil Engineering was established in the year 2008 with an intake of 60 students at Under Graduate level which later on was increased to 91 students in 2015 and to 180 in 2017 by AICTE, New Delhi. In 2015, AICTE, New Delhi approved a Post Graduate level Program with specialization in Structural Engineering with an intake of 16 students which was later on increased to 30 students in 2017. In the same year, another Post Graduate level Program with specialization in Transportation Engineering was approved with an intake of 18 students.

The Department of Civil Engineering at SSTC (FET), SSTC, Bhilai was established in 2008 and has continuously upgraded itself in terms of academic programs and research infrastructure, including state of the art laboratories and research facilities. The department attracts some of the finest and dynamic faculty members and the best of the students for its Bachelors and Masters programs. Students are exposed to well defined academic programs along with a host of sports, cultural and organizational activities in the vibrant and beautiful campus of SSTC. The presence of the state of the art experimental and computational facilities at the institute, industry interaction, and industrial training opportunities help the students to excel in their competitive professional lives. Our graduates and postgraduates have been selected by renowned leading national and multinational firms. The many achievements of our students have really made us proud! The department is committed to providing excellence in classroom/laboratory infrastructure, enrichment of the academic and professional experience of students, outreach to the engineering community and society, and overall advancement in the field of Civil Engineering. We would be happy to receive any valuable suggestions from your side. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries, suggestions. Dr. Manoj Tiwari(Professor & Head Of Department)


  • To create and disseminate knowledge through teaching, learning and research.
  • To develop leadership, teamwork skills and value of commitment to quality among Civil engineering students.
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in the field of technical education, industry and society.


To become leader in the field of civil engineering with emphasis on value based state of the art teaching learning process, inculcate applied research and development, innovation and instilling the spirit of inquisitiveness and entrepreneurship to serve the society.

Programme Educational Outcomes (PEOS)

  • To prepare the graduates to produce engineering designs based on principles of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals considering functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
  • To develop the graduates of the program to be proficient in sub-fields of Civil Engineering to an extent that they can pursue careers in Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.
  • To prepare the graduates of the program to be capable of working effectively in a professional environment by demonstrating technical communication skills, the ability to procure work, the ability to interact effectively with construction professionals, and an understanding of ethical, societal & environmental issues in Civil Engineering.
  • To prepare students to enter and successfully complete, advanced degree programs within their fields of choice & to understand importance of the life-long learning.
  • To promote the student awareness on lifelong learning by providing academic environment for higher learning and quality research & development, also to introduce them to professional ethics needed for successful career.

Our Objectives

  • Prepare effective and responsible graduate engineers as per the global requirements by providing quality education.
  • Upgrade existing labs of the department under MODROBs and establish Center of Excellence in various fields.
  • To promote problem based learning in the department so as to meet the ever changing requirements of industries.
  • To work on sponsored Research Projects in collaboration with funding and research agencies such as AICTE, CGCOST and DST etc.
  • To motivate more faculties and students to Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Program.

Courses Offered

S.No Course Name Duration Intake
1 B.E.(Civil Engineering) Four Year 180
2 M.Tech(Structural Engineering) Two Year 30
3 M.Tech(Transportation Engineering) Two Year 18
3 M.Tech(GeoTechnical Engineering) Two Year 18

Why Choose Civil Engineering?

Integrated teaching and research laboratories

Hands on opportunities to learn next to our world-leading researchers, whose work feeds into your degree. We have some of the largest teaching laboratories in Chhattisgarh and we capitalize on this with a comprehensive undergraduate laboratory programme to complement lectures. World leading academics teach our students at all stages in their degree.

Enter into an effective graduate scheme

If after studying the subject you find that a career directly related to Civil Engineering is not suitable for you, fear not, because through the teaching process here at SSTC, students learn skills that can be employed to numerous other professions. These include problem-solving, decision-making, analytical and IT. Furthermore, the students' knowledge of Science,

Gain a lot of practical experience

Most Civil Engineering courses nowadays include at least the option for an industry placement during the degree. Many students even get paid for the work they do. Here at SSTC, emphasis is laid on student's practical experience and appropriate exposure is provided in the form of Site visits and Vocational trainings. It is fun and challenging and our students can illustrate real management experience at job interviews.

Choose from many postgraduate options

Interested in further study? A lot of undergraduate courses of Civil Engineering offer a master's degree option, and postgraduate options are in abundance. Courses include a variety of options including Structural Engineering,Transportation Engineering,Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Water Management. SSTC offers two PG courses namely Structural Engineering and Transportation Engineering

Learn valuable transferrable skills

If after studying the subject you find that a career directly related to Civil Engineering is not suitable for you, fear not, because through the teaching process here at SSTC, students learn skills that can be employed to numerous other professions. These include problem-solving, decision-making, analytical and IT. Furthermore, the students' knowledge of Science, Mathematics and Technology is strongly refined.

Gain a good graduate starting salary

Having a degree in Civil Engineering will definitely help students on their way to becoming well paid professionals in the sector. Our placement figures display the significant difference between the starting salary for a SSTC graduate and the starting salary for others in the subject area. Industry Institute Interaction Cell at SSTC does its level best to ensure that the dents have sufficient practical experience which in turn enhances their chances of securing a handsome package at job interviews.

Work in an exciting environment

Civil Engineers play a key role in the whole process, from designing a project, to bringing it to life and maintaining it. Study this course at SSTC and you will be part of its quick-moving and challenging nature. We have a supportive environment that ensures a smooth transition to University. Teaching in small groups challenges you through personal interaction with your lecturers and makes sure you don’t get left behind. A student buddy scheme and an alumni mentoring programme are further examples of initiatives we offer to support your professional development.

Research oriented environment

Students are encouraged to take part in many research oriented activities organized by the department which include but are not limited to Problem-based Learning, Workshop(s), National Conferences, Expert Talks given by Industry professionals and Technical model competitions. Students, by taking part in such activities, gain a lot of valuable insight into the Corporate world and understand the concept of 'Publish or Perish'. Many alumnus have benefitted from this policy during selections for postgraduate courses at foreign universities where preference was given to SSTC graduates with a track 

Healthy dose of Extra-curricular Activities

Apart from the routine of studies, the department offers a steady dose of extra-curricular activities to keep fresh the minds of budding engineers. AAKAAR, the student association of Civil department (SSTC) yearly organizes Badminton, Carrom and Chess Tournaments where the students can exhibit their excellence in sports. Apart from this, the college also organizes an annual fest named SAMVID which includes a variety of events and has an average footfall of almost 5000 persons. Due credits are also provided to students who have represented the college at University/ State/ National level events/ tournaments.

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6 Santosh Kumar and Abhyuday Titiksh(2013), "Role of Water Resource Development in India", VIMARSH – 2013, held at Chauksey Engineering College, Bilaspur, 12-13 September, 2013.
S.No. Books Published
1 Abhyuday Titiksh (2018), "Mitigating the effects of Open Ground Storey in RCC Structures", ISBN- 978-613-4-97953-5; Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.
2 Abhyuday Titiksh (2018), "Optimum level of Shear wall Curtailment - Comparison of Finite Element and Continuum Solutions". ISBN- 978-613-6-74858-0; Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany.

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