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The Department of Applied Mathematics was established in the year 1999. Mathematics is important tool for various branches of science and engineering. There are many forms of practical application of mathematics that are used throughout the research, industry medical scientific and technology world. A large number of the problems that are encountered in real life can be solved with the help of different mathematical tool.

There are well experienced and dedicated faculties in our department. The department is also offering Ph.D. program & provides excellent research facilities in the thrust areas of Applied Mathematics. The faculty members have a good number of publications in reputed National/International Journals, Seminars and Conferences.


Glimpses of Applied Mathematics Department

  • National Science Day celebration was held on 28th feb. 2018.
  • We conducted NPTEL classes which is online certificate course organized by several IIT’s. In this exam students as well as faculty members also participated and secure excellent percentage


  • The aim of mathematics in engineering and technology is to create an awareness and motivation among the students in the most engineering thrust area of mathematics . The specific aim of the department provides the fundamental knowledge of mathematics and discusses the object oriented problems with students.


  • To formulate the real life problem into various mathematical model and developed to technique to simplify alive problem.

Area Of Research

S.No. Name Subject
1 Dr. Rajlaxmi Gupta Fixed point theory and its application.
2 Dr. Raksha Rani Agrawal Approximation Theory
3 Dr. M.M.Singh Fuzzy logic Topological Space,Ring Theory
4 Dr. Reeta Shukla Fixed points Theory
5 Dr. B.L.Malager Fixed points Theory and its Application
6 Dr. Chitaranjan Khadanga Summability Theory and its Application in Fourier series.
7 Dr. Savita Gupta Common fixed point Theory and application in various Space.
8 Dr. Krishna Kumar Pandey Effects of Radiation and Triaxility of primaries in the Elliptical Restrieted three Body problem.

List of Publication of Mathematics Department

S.No. Publication of Mathematics Department
1 R. P. Pathak, S. Dashputre, S. D. Diwan and Rajlaxmi Gupta, On Noor-type iteration schemes for multivalued mappings in CAT(0) spaces, Fixed Point Theory and Applications (Springer), 2015:133, (2015).
2 J. K. Kim, R. P. Pathak, S. Dashputre, S. D. Diwan and Rajlaxmi Gupta,Fixed Point Approximation of Generalized Nonexpansive Mappings in Hyperbolic Space ,International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 2015, Article ID 368204.
3 R. P. Pathak, S. Dashputre, S. D. Diwan and Rajlaxmi Gupta, Strong and delta-convergence theorems for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in hyperbolic spaces, Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 11 no. 6, 5175-5193, (2015).
4 R. P. Pathak, S. Dashputre, S. D. Diwan and Rajlaxmi Gupta, Convergence and stability theorems for a faster iterative scheme for a general class of contractive like operators, J. Math. Comput. Science, no. 5, 728-736, (2015).
5 R. P. Pathak, Rajlaxmi Gupta and S. D. Diwan, A Common Fixed Point Theorem For a Class of Non-compatible Mappings5,:912, (2016).
6 J. K. Kim,R. P. Pathak, S. Dashputre, S. D. Diwan, Convergence theorems for generalized nonexpansive multivalued mappings in hyperbolic spaces,5:912, (2016).
7 Yogesh Kumar Sahu, B.L. Malager, Rajlaxmi Gupta and Samir Dashputre ,(New iteration process for total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex hyperbolic spaces,) Adv. Fixed Point Theory, 8 (2018), No.2, 22-43 ISSN: 1927-6303.
8 Shin Min Kang, D. R. Sahu, B. L. Malager, and Zeqing Liu, Convergence of Generalized Ishikawa Iteration Process of Rank Three with Nonexpansie Mappings in Banach Spaces, Math. Sci. Res. J. 10(2) 2006, 27-35.
9 D. R. Sahu, S. D. Diwan and B. L. Malager, On S- Nonexpansive Mappings with Nonconvex Domain International Journal of Mathematical science, 631-701, 2007.
10 D. R. Sahu, S. C. Shrivastava, B. L. Malager, Approximation of Common Fixed Points of A Family of Asymptotically Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings, Demonstratio Mathematica vol. XLI No. 3, 2008.
11 Shin Min Kang, Samir Dashputre, B. L. Malager and Arif Rafiq, On the Convergence of Fixed Points for Lipschitz n International Journal of Mathematical science, 631-701, 2007.
12 Yogesh Kumar Sahu, B.L. Malager, Rajlaxmi Gupta and Samir Dashputre, Approximation of fixed point for multi-valued nonexpansive mapping in Banach spaces Adv. FixedPointTheory 8 (2018), No.3, 22-43,ISSN: 1927-6303.
13 Shin Min Kang, Samir Dashputre, B. L. Malager and Young Chel Kwun, Fixed point Approximation for Asymptotically nonexpansive Type mappings in uniformly convex hyperbolic spaces, Hindawi publicaion,Vol 2015, Artical ID 510798, 7 Pages.
14 Rita Shukla,A.K.Dubey, Ravi PrakashDubey, "Cone metric spaces and fixed point theorem of generalized T- Zamfirescu mappings" , International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research ,Vol.-2,No.-1, (2013) p.p. 151-156,ISSN:2227-4324.
15 Rita Shukla, A.K. Dubey, Ravi PrakashDubey , "An extension of the paper : Cone metric spaces and fixed point theorems of contracive mappings." ,International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 2(1) (2013) 84-90.ISSN:2227-4324.
16 Rita Shukla,A.K. Dubey, Ravi PrakashDubey, "Common fixed theorem for generalized T-Hardy-Rogers contraction mapping in a cone metric spaces", Adv. Inequal. Appl. 2014,2014:18.,ISSN:2050-7461.
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18 Rita Shukla, A. K.Dubey, Ravi PrakashDubey,"Some Common fixed point results of three self-mappings in conemetric spaces." Journal of Advances in Mathematics, Volume-7 ,No. -3 (2014).ISSN-2347-1921.
19 Chitaranjan Khadanga, Riesz- Banach summability of conjugate fourier series. (journal of Indian Academic of Mathematics,Indore, vol-3,no-4 (2009) p481-490.
20 Chitaranjan Khadanga, On / N,Pn/ k summability of factored fourier series. (journal of Computer of mathematical sc. Vol-6,p;758-761 ,(2010)
21 Chitaranjan Khadanga, On index product summabilirty of an infinite series. (IJMS, vol-4,(12)p-861-872 ,march -2011)
22 Chitaranjan Khadanga, On the local property of / N,Pn, ϴ,N K/ summability of factored fourier series, ( JCMS vol-5(2) p-133-139 ( 2013)
23 Chitaranjan Khadanga, A note on Matrix summability of an infinite series. (journal of computer and Mathematical sc, vol-5(2) P-155-16192014)).
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28 Chitaranjan Khadanga, An Application of Cesaro summability to the wave let approximation .(Bharat journal of sc. Tech & humanities) vol-1, (1) july-2015)) .
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53 Rakesh tiwari1, savita gupta2,∗ and shobha rani1 (2019), "a common fixed point theorem in complete metric space", asian journal of mathematics and application, ama0384, 8 pages

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