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In an increasingly competitive business environment – where national borders are of less concern – it is clear that INDIA as a whole has a pressing need for sophisticated business leaders. These regional leaders must be fully qualified to deal successfully with rapid and far-reaching changes, including the rapid development of information technology currently fueling global business. Faculty of Management Studies develops business administration graduates with the knowledge and analytical skills needed to take effective charge of the new economy.
The MBA program of the Faculty of Management Studies was incepted in the year 2003 and continues to be reckoned as the first accredited program in Central India and in the top rankings in the Chhattisgarh region. The intake increased from 60 to 120 in the year 2007. Teaching is by case-study, balanced with lectures, seminars and group work, all of which emphasize the application of theoretical training to the practical problems managers face today and are most likely to face in the future.
Convinced that modern management education must take root in its home soil, Faculty of Management Studies provides management education that is both relevant and Indian. We cordially invite you to consider FMS for MBA program with all its resources, challenges and opportunities.


To become one of the best institutes of the country committed towards innovation, knowledge-sharing, openness and entrepreneurial skills; To achieve excellent standards of quality education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies; and To develop global managers with capabilities of accepting new challenges..


To provide managerial excellence for global competitiveness through teaching, research, training and consultancy. To foster decision making, leadership and entrepreneurial skills through innovative programs and applied learning;

Message by Head of the Department

The Management program develops business graduates with an updated skill-set that is necessary to meet the demands of the market. The program stresses on four fundamental management skills: communication, decision-making, leadership & team work. The management curriculum provides the students with a comprehensive management education emphasizing entrepreneurial spirit, applied practical learning and the integration of the business and society. The MBA program grooms the students for an all round development including communication, presentation and IT skills.

Faculty List

S. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualification Initial Date of Joining Nature of Association
(Regular/Contractual/ Adjunct)
1 Dr. Souren Sarkar Professor (HoD) PhD 1.08.2003 Regular
2 Shri Pankaj Kumar Bahety Associate Professor MBA, PhD (Purs) 5.11.2010 Regular
3 Dr. Shikha Sondhi Associate Professor PhD 10.07.2006 Regular
4 Dr. Meenakhi Sharma Associate Professor PhD 8/1/2007 Regular
5 Mr. Praveen Kumar Nair Assistant Professor MBA 11/3/2009 Regular
6 Shri Bishwajeet Bhattacharya Assistant Professor MBA, PhD (Purs) 4.06.2010 Regular
7 Shri Ravindra Mishra Assistant Professor MBA 05.06.2010 Regular
8 Shri S Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor MBA, PhD (Purs) 24.06.2010 Regular
9 Ms. L Krishnaveni Assistant Professor MBA 14/07/2010 Regular
10 Shri Rishi Kumar Tripathi Assistant Professor MBA 01.08.2010 Regular
11 Ms Nikita Upadhyay Assistant Professor MBA 13.07.2011 Regular
12 Mr. Pankaj Joge Assistant Professor MBA 01.06.2013 Regular
13 Ms Kiran Mishra Assistant Professor MBA 28.08.2013 Regular
14 Ms Pallavi Shingote Assistant Professor MBA 11/1/2014 Regular
15 Ms D. Sunitha Assistant Professor MBA 11/1/2014 Regular
16 Ms. Arti Mishra Assistant Professor MBA 11/1/2014 Regular

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Faculty of Management Studies,
Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus (NAAC & NBA),
Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus,
Junwani, Bhilai , Distt. Durg
Chattisgarh Pin Code : 490 020

Contact Person: Dr. Souren Sarkar (Prof. & Head, Faculty of Management Studies)
Phone No.: +91 9406298001
Mobile No.: +91 7804907696, +91 9827190596, +91 9827161605
Fax No.:0788-2291606
E-mail: dearsarkar@gmail.com, ssgi@ssgi.edu.in

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