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Abhishekh Kumar

When I was 19, I climbed to the Mountain. Not metaphorically—I literally climbed the highest mountain on Earth – i.e.“LIFE” (and yes it’s been a roller coaster ride for me). While I was hiking, I thought about quitting approximately 5,000 times. But despite the high winds, low altitude, mental and physical fatigue, and trail mix overdose, I kept going. I’m that person. Once I decide to do something, I kept my words and make sure to accomplish that. Now, I put that perseverance to work as a Network Engineer at IIT Bhilai. I don’t have to climb any mountains...but I do have to move them.


Oops... I forgot to introduce myself.


Hey, everyone, I am Abhishek Kumar, a normal guy just like you all, with a head full of Dreams. I am an Engineer by Profession. Sorry! I meant to say I am still pursuing my Engineering with lots of backs to clear. But does that really means a lot to decide your future? Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Do you want to know what I think? Well in my opinion, the only thing that matters is your knowledge and dedication. And yes that pays me a Lot!! Despite of all the Backs to clear, I am now a Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Engineer. And few days back I got one new title again i.e. Network Engineer at IIT Bhilai (one will die to be there). That’s why I said “I am an Engineer by Profession but I don’t have a Degree” and this is the biggest Degree I have ever achieved. Well, my journey started from the Library of our College. Where I used to go after bunking the lectures. Thanks to College for providing us free Wi-Fi, yes free Wi-Fi helps me to search a new path for my life. Sounds funny, but truth is truth. I used to devote my maximum time surfing the net for searching new stuff, from there only I decided to these Global Certifications, which makes me to stand different from the crowd and to build my own separate Identity. Which I knowis most important nowadays.


If someone would ask me to describe myself, I will do that in just five sentences:


- I am a fun loving person, with lots of dreams.


- I have Big Ideas. Lots of people have big ideas, Execution is what matters and I do execution.


- I Love making new professional acquaintances.


- I Love surfing, I love Listening Music, I love making Friends.


- And I am too passionate about everything whether it’s about learning new stuffs or it’s about cars and bikes (P.S. One day I will be the proud owner of Royal Enfield. By sharing my story with you all, I just want you to decide your area of interest and then to work on it dedicatedly. Try to stand different from the crowd. Try to make your own remarkable identity. Well I won’t say Basic Degree is not important, just want you to know the right proportionate and importance of everything and to work accordingly.


Good Luck to all! I’m always interested in hearing from the interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect. Cheers!


P.S. – Thanks to all the contributors from the bottom of my heart, for making my future life to be a wonderful journey!