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AntiRagging Policy

To control and eradicate the un-civilized act of ragging in our college following action is being taken from immediate effect

  1. Issuing prospectus to the 9tUdents clearly stating guidelines to prevent ragging.
  2. Keeping undertaking from every student of Higher Semester.
  3. Forming anti ragging squads and anti ragging committee to prevent any pos9ible incidence of ragging.
  4. Organizing an induction programme for fresher on the 1 t day of the college.
  5. Providing all important telephone number of the Institute to the freshers.
  6. To enquire into ragging incident separate proctorial board is constituted which recommends disciplinary action against those guilty.
  7. Ensuring that the modern communication facilities i.e. Internet, telephone etc. are accessible to the student.
  8. A drop box in the room of chairman anti-ragging committee and 1st year incharge is kept for protect the confidentiality of the sources.


To control and eradicate the uncivilized act of ragging in our college, area-wise Committees is constituted to keep a vigil on the activities of the students.

Any incidence of ragging should immediately be reported to the President / Director /Principal /Professor I/C (Admission) / Chief Warden for immediate remedial action. Contact address and phone nos. of above officials will be displayed prominently on the Notice Board so as to enable the students to have an easy access for reporting any un-toward incident.

It is expected that the above members will act individually or in team, as convenient, with a strong desire to check ragging, developing their individual source of information.

During daytime, the suspected spots like Vacant Class Rooms, Remote Corners of the Campus, Hostel Rooms etc. During night, taking rounds of hostel, for similar checking after 10.00 pm. The concerned staff are advised to record their presence in a register kept in Warden’s Room. Reasons of absence should be communicated to the undersigned the next day. Being present at the college gate half-an-hour before and after the college timing to ensure peaceful entry & exit by the students particularly the fresher.


If a staff member is on leave, it should be informed to the warden for entry in the register.
Any incident of ragging should be reported to the undersigned or any member of the Proctorial Board.