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In today's competitive business environment the challenges and opportunities for the corporate houses are plethora in number. We at SSTC enable the students to take on these challenges and solve problems in real time. We have all that is needed to make us stand out as one of the premiere institute in the state.

In the fast changing world there are many distractions for students and It becomes essential that students get education which enables them to steer through the challenges of life. We at SSTC have been perceptive to the changing times. Innovation, Incubation projects, start-ups are one of the unique program that we have started.

Startups belonging to any category with innovative ideas are incubated here.

Dear students, there will be many more milestones in your lives and every time you celebrate them, just remember that we will rejoice equally at your accomplishments, because for SSTC, you will always be a family. We have complete faith in your ambitions and in your ability.

I wish you all the best of luck and a great future ahead. You all are naturally endowed with the power to hope, to dream and to act upon your dreams. Here, I would like to remind you that great changes in the world have often been brought about by young people with a passion driving them. The time is now, for each one of you to seize the opportunity at hand and create your own legacy.

Once again, my heartiest wishes to all of you!




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Mrs. Jaya Mishra
Shri Gangajali Education Society