Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus


Dr. S. N. Subbarao(Founder of NSS & NYP) Sir’s visit

The National Service Scheme Unit of Shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus received the opportunity to welcome the 91 year old S.N. Subbarao , born on February 7, 1929, the founder of the National Service Scheme and National Youth Project and a Freedom Fighter. In this program Director of Bharat Ki Santan Mr. Narendra Wadgaonkar and National convener of National Youth Project (NYP), Raghunandan Panda and District Conveyor Ashish Tamarkar were present. In the program, Dr. Subbarao moved everyone with his enthusiasm. He gave an explanation of India's unbreakable unity. Despite the differences between languages, religions, castes, and states, India is unbreakable. He gave the example of our neighboring country and explained that bullet in the name of religion is ineffective and disastrous. The highlight of the program was the presentation of "Bharat Ki Santan", which featured various states' costumes and songs on different languages all sung by Dr. Subbarao himself. The program was successfully concluded under the guidance of Program Officer Dr. D S Raghuwanshi, Achala Jain, Chandrasekhar Nagendra, Govind Singh of the Regional unit of the organization.